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Market research determines whether the government is purchasing goods and services that your company sells. You can conduct your own research by entering keywords into the following search engines: The Defense Logistics Agency Internet Bid Board System, which will also, if available, provide technical drawings and specs.

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The Government Contracting Assistance Center can automatically match your company's product or service with daily bid notices that report what the government is buying or planning to buy. Find out more information on the Bid Match program.

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  • DLA Land and Maritime purchases spare parts and end items for Maritime and Land-Based weapons systems.

  • DLA Troop Support purchases food, clothing, textiles, medicines, medical equipment, and construction supplies and equipment for US armed services members. It also supports US humanitarian and disaster relief efforts.

  • DLA Aviation purchases more than 1.3 million repair parts and operating supply items. More than 444,000 of the items are aviation parts, including spares for engines on fighters, bombers, cargo aircraft and helicopters; airframe and landing gear parts; flight safety equipment; and propeller systems.

  • Defense Information Technology Contracting Organization (DITCO) is responsible for acquiring communications service and information technology needed by the Department of Defense and other federal agencies to support the joint warfighter.

  • Defense Commissary Agency (DeCa) is headquartered in Fort Lee, Va., and has retail locations worldwide that sell groceries, services and electronics. Military personal save about 30 percent by shopping at commissaries.

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Subcontracting Opportunities & Information on Prime Contractors:


When a large company (prime contractor) wins an award valued over $650,000 (and any construction contract in value of $1,500,000), it must have a small business plan included in its proposal. This small business plan says the company shall make a good faith effort to subcontract to small businesses and to the various subcategories of small business to the maximum extent it can.

NOTE: FAR part 19 and 52 outline the requirements for preparing a small business plan - prepared by large companies only. Small businesses do not have to complete a small business plan.


For more information about the Government Contracting Assistance Center, call 603-271-7581 or via email.

The NH Government Contracting Assistance Center (NH GovCon) is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the Defense Logistics Agency. We are also funded by the NH Department of Business and Economic Affairs (DBEA), and we operate as a program within the Division of Economic Development (DED).